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Healthy Hints From Helen

9-26-19 Make Writing Easy With Two Simple Exercises I was helping my granddaughter with the papers in her school folder this past weekend. Two of the letters she was to learn to write and recognize were p and d.  Both of these letters require a student to be able to recognize left and right directions. …

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Helen's Book

Helen is author of the book entitled Alternative Health Care – Space Age Interpretations of Age-Old Truths. It is available now in pdf format. Download PDF Section_1 (5.3 mb) – You Are In Charge Of Your Health Wellness vs. Stop-Gap Solutions Definition of Holistic Health Tailoring Your Individual Wellness Goals Section_2 (248 k) – You …

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AMAS test– Measures serum levels of AMA, an antibody found to be elevated in most patients with a wide range of active non-terminal malignancies. Brain Gym® — Increase your knowledge of the history and founder of Brain Gym and various ways you can benefit from Brain Gym. Broad Branch Farm — Broad Branch Farm is …

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June 22-25, 2019 Options Center for Health and Education hosted Carol Ann Erickson’s Movement Education I Brain Gym® course at Quality Inn Conference Center in Peoria. All 16 participants had fun and learned a lot about ourselves and how to help others. Participants traveled as far away as Mexico to attend this event because of …

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In the News

ARTICLES (Click on Articles in “TITLE” to view pdf of article) Education articles are in Green. Health articles are in Blue. DATE TITLE SOURCE/NEWSPAPER 2013-Feb Activating the “Doctor Within” InterBusiness Issues 2005-Sept 28 A world of options Observer 2004-Sept The preferred option is early prevention Senior Citizens News & Views 2004- Jan 21 Learning to …

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2020: Options turns 35 years old! Carol Ann Erickson, world reknown educator, taught the first course of Movement Education returns to Options! 2019: On June 22-25, Carol Ann Erickson, world reknown educator, taught the first course of Movement Education.  Movement Education is a series of courses that Carol Ann has created. 2018: On June 21-24, …

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