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Healthy Hints From Helen

1-15-20 Accept Responsibility and Know Your Options PART ONE – HABITS This is the time to begin again, to make New Year’s Resolutions, to change habits. Habits are wonderful – we couldn’t live without them.  Habits let us walk, talk, be efficient and organized.  Habits are learned actions that we have practiced until they are …

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Helen's Book

Helen is author of the book entitled Alternative Health Care – Space Age Interpretations of Age-Old Truths. It is available now in pdf format. Download PDF Section_1 (5.3 mb) – You Are In Charge Of Your Health Wellness vs. Stop-Gap Solutions Definition of Holistic Health Tailoring Your Individual Wellness Goals Section_2 (248 k) – You …

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The following links are those Helen Cox may use in your health care. If you wish to know more about these vendors, labs and possible referrals, please use links below. Brain Gym® — Increase your knowledge of the history and founder of Brain Gym® and various ways you can benefit from Brain Gym®. Broad Branch …

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June 22-25, 2019 Options Center for Health and Education hosted Carol Ann Erickson’s Movement Education I Brain Gym® course at Quality Inn Conference Center in Peoria. All 16 participants had fun and learned a lot about ourselves and how to help others. Participants traveled as far away as Mexico to attend this event because of …

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In the News

ARTICLES (Click on Articles in “TITLE” to view pdf of article) Education articles are in Green. Health articles are in Blue. DATE TITLE SOURCE/NEWSPAPER 2013-Feb Activating the “Doctor Within” InterBusiness Issues 2005-Sept 28 A world of options Observer 2004-Sept The preferred option is early prevention Senior Citizens News & Views 2004- Jan 21 Learning to …

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The following are two links connecting to the Options Lending Library listing items that a client can borrow. 1. PDF – Alphabetical order by Title 2. PDF – Grouped by Categories

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2020: Because of COVID, Options shortened the hours of operation, most office visits were done by phone and group meetings were done virtually. 2019: On June 22-25, Carol Ann Erickson, world reknown educator, taught the first course of Movement Education.  Movement Education is a series of courses that Carol Ann has created. Picture of event …

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