Getting Started

Step by Step Options for Enhancing Learning & Attitudes

Step 1: (1 Hour)
At the Initial Screening a preliminary assessment of learning strengths will be done by Helen on the student and is viewed by the parents.

Before your first appointment with Helen, we invite you to do the following two things:
A. Learn more of Options services and philosophy by listening to “Welcome to Options Education Center” and by watching these interviews, Robb Beltran, WMBD and Darcy Thomas, WMBD.

B. Download, print and fill out the required forms before the first appointment with Helen*:
Client Statement (5 minutes)
Initial Screening Form (5 minutes)
Dietary Record (5-10 minutes)

If you are considering a Hair Analysis, please download, print and fill out these forms:
TMA Submittal Form(patient information and predominant symptoms only)
Privacy Notice (5 minutes – read only)
Consent Form (5 minutes)

*You may come to Options prior to your appointment to get an education folder with all of the above materials.

Step 2: At First Appointment
During the first appointment, the following may occur:

• Initial Screening
• Hair cut for hair analysis [Highly recommended, although optional] (Please do not color or perm hair before coming to your first appointment.)
• Borrow any desired Options’ library items

Step 3: Hair Analysis (Tissue Mineral Analysis/TMA) [Highly recommended, although optional]
For more information of how a TMA could be beneficial, go to Handbook Part 1.

Price includes:
• Cost of laboratory analysis
• Report of findings
• 1-hour interpretation

Step 4: Skills Assessment (Optional and may not be necessary)
For more information on Brain Gym® Classes, go to Handbook Part 2.

Step 5: Brain Gym® Classes
For more information on Brain Gym® Classes, go to Handbook Part 4.