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Individual Stress Reduction Sessions

Intelligent responsibility for your personal health and well-being belongs to you. If you are ready to take that responsibility, Helen can assist you with your physical, emotional, and attitude goals.

Personalized approach to healthy nutrition, exercise, weight control, improved immune system, increased energy level, reversal of allergies and yeast infections, and slowing down of the aging process.  Your inborn capacity for vital, vibrant living is nurtured and activated. This may involve a supplemental program of vitamins, minerals, herbs or homeopathic remedies. It may include other natural health arts such as acupressure, deep relaxation and guided imagery.

Individualized counseling and bodywork therapy to remove energy blocks and re-program unconscious restrictive habits.  Once energy is flowing freely, unhindered by “frozen” emotions and memories, your natural healing and maintenance processes can operate fully. Objectives are to reduce stress, give more positive attitudes and integrate the three dimensions of the brain … right/left for communication, top/bottom for organization and front/back for comprehension.

Getting a different perspective of your problems and challenges, and realizing you are a loved, valued, and unique individual is the most powerful prescription you can give yourself.

The fact that WHOLE self must be balanced for a high level of well-being is emphasized.  Symptom relief alone is not enough if your goal is total regeneration.