Education Workshops Annual Schedule 2019

Helen offers a variety of workshops throughout the year at Options Center.

Movement Exploration I – Saturday-Tuesday, June 22-25, 2019  9:00-6:00 (pdf)online form
This course takes an in depth look at the developmental movement patterns and the early reflexes that build them. Here we explore the development of the core movement of the body and its contribution to our ease of learning. When we experience stress, we revert to our last stable developmental movement pattern. This could mean exceptional stress in the body and sensory systems to perform a task. The body will compensate to perform a task. However, the compensation does not support efficient use of the body. Consequently, challenges to coordinate the body and sensory systems may arise inhibiting the learning process. Throughout the course, we will build new observation skills and understanding of learning challenges; practice new tools to support learning readiness for efficient movement; and support sensory processing.

Brain Gym® 101  (pdf) | Brain Gym®, used extensively at Options teaches people to use their whole brains, integrating right brain creativity with left brain analytical abilities.  The whole brain approach helps  people become more receptive to learning experiences and process events more fully. Brain Gym® movements are simple to do and  helps us to access our potential.  This workshop is designed to give practical, visual, step by step instruction on how to use the Brain Gym® movements to develop the above skills. Contact Helen at to arrange the course time.

Brain Gym® and Behavioral Transformation  (pdf)online form Contact Helen to arrange the workshop time.

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