Healthy Hints From Helen

09/05/2017 – Avoid Toxin Overload

Be kind to yourself, others and [benefit too]!

Women are taught to believe, encouraged by the media and feel peer pressure to change their body’s image. Women need to start thinking for themselves, not be influenced by advertisements and peer pressure. Women and men put many chemicals on their bodies every day; women more than men.

The top 3 toxic professions are farmers, hair dressers and house cleaners.

What you CAN do:

1] Change to natural cleaning products.

2] Admire your nails in their natural state. Let them “breathe.”

3] Let your hair go natural.

According to © 2017 CureJoy Inc. in its article, “When Is The Right Time To Stop Coloring Your Hair” these are the signs that your hair is telling you that it is time to go natural and stop coloring your hair. The signs are 1] Your Roots Grow Faster Than Before, 2] Your Hair Is Brittle and Frizzy, 3] Your Scalp Gets Irritated and Itchy 4] Your Hair Is Thinning, 5] Your Hair Is Persistently Dyed In Lighter Shades-when it gets to your natural color, stop coloring.

Apart from these, persistent dyeing might be heavy on pocket every time you go to a salon. Putting a halt to the coloring process liberates you from not just the expenses, but also the guilt of having an unkempt look every time you see yourself in the mirror.

08/28/2017- Supplements:  How to be a savvy consumer!

I often hear questions asking why the supplements I carry are more costly than those you can get at a pharmacy, box store or online.

Did you know that the marketing presentation of a product can often be misleading? Legally the front of a label does not have to be the truth. Can you believe it! However the back of the packaging should report honest information so please read your labels carefully. As for online sales: you may be purchasing expired supplements!

Orthomolecular, Standard Process and Medi-Herb do not support the online sales of their products by third party distributors. So consumer beware!

I have done much research over the years and am pleased with the products I offer. I want to share with you some of the knowledge that I have about the integrity and quality control for the supplements in my inventory from Standard Process, Medi-Herb and Orthomolecular. My hope is to educate you so you can make informed choices. In a nutshell, you get what you pay for, thus the products from these 3 companies have some of the highest standards in the industry.

March 8, 2017 – Opportunity to Make Radical Changes for the Better

How could our children be effected by the current property tax freeze suggested by Governor Jim Rauner? By freezing property taxes our schools income could be adversely effected. How can we make this potential challenge an opportunity for beneficial change? If a school’s income is greatly effective by this legislation, one solution is for school districts to investigate effective, efficient, inexpensive learning programs. One program that fits all of this criteria is Brain Gym®. The only expense to implementing and utilizing a Brain Gym® program is  teacher and staff training. A Brain Gym® program consist of simple and fun exercises that can produces profound results in all students with and without learning problems. It can reduce stress in any one who utilizes it with little effort in short period of time. It can improve attitudes and provide the foundation for academic learning to occur. Finland is an excellent example of utilizing programs in their school system that enhance students to learn in a positive, fun, rewarding atmosphere. Support your school personnel and school board by telling them about Brain Gym®. If you have any questions about this amazing program, call me at 309-685-7721. I am one of the few licensed Brain Gym® instructors in the midwest.