Preventative  Tests:

Options offers 4 preventative tests. (Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer and Hair Analysis which shows overall health risk factors). These tests can show trends and risk factors years before a diagnosis is given.

1. Heart Disease – Cardiovascular and Inflammation:

One program is the CM Vitals Program. It is a combination of LPP and Pre-Diabetes Risk advanced testing. The LPP test is used to determine cardiovascular risk factors. The Pre-Diabetes Risk test is used to predict onset of diabetes. This combination of test results indicates risk for metabolic syndrome. The path to the cardiovascular and diabetic prevention starts with identifying the risks.

LipoProtein Particle Profile™(LPP™)

Standard cholesterol testing is not enough. Research shows that the lipoproteins carrying cholesterol, not the cholesterol itself, are responsible for inducing atherosclerotic plaque production and accelerating cardiovascular disease progression. About 50% of heart attack sufferers had normal HDL and/or LDL cholesterol test results.  SpectraCell’s Lipoprotein Particle Profile is an advanced technology which accurately measures both the density and numbers of lipoprotein particles.  This information reveals potential cardiovascular problems that are often missed when using a standard lipid panel to assess risk.

2. Diabetes Risk Factors and chances of reversal

Diabetes develops over many years in your body, causing damage as it progresses to a point where it can be diagnosed. However, this damage can be detected by measuring the levels of specific biomarkers in your blood—levels that will be either too high or too low in response to the damage occurring along different biological pathways linked to the development of diabetes.

The Diabetic Biomarkers identify metabolic abnormalities that may progress into diabetes.

Diabetes is a condition where the body cannot efficiently metabolize foods, especially carbohydrates, resulting in impaired glycemic (blood sugar) control, which may progress to diabetes when not properly treated or addressed through lifestyle changes.

The CM Vitals Program will help you:

  • Get testing to evaluate your cardiometabolic risk factors
  • Understand your cardiometabolic risk factors
  • Learn about successful lifestyle therapies including nutrition, supplementation and stress reduction
  • Reduce your cardiometabolic risk factors by:

3. Cancer – AMAS test shows cancer cell levels

The AMAS test is helpful for individuals who have never had cancer but are at higher risk than the general population.  Such as, when they are from families with a high frequency of cancer, have had exposure to carcinogenic agents such as smoking, or are over 50 years of age.

AMAS test – Measures serum levels of AMA, an antibody found to be elevated in most patients with a wide range of active non-terminal malignancies.

4. Hair Analysis - Can show trends that appear up to 20 years before diagnosis. Trace Mineral Analysis (TMA), also known as hair analysis, measures the amount of the nutrient minerals and toxic metals in the body. The report shows mineral levels, imbalances, and toxicities. Nutrient mineral imbalances can be just as devastating to health as deficiencies or toxicities. Information from the TMA is used to determine vitamin/mineral supplementation and nutritional recommendations.

Other Health Services:

Nutritional Counseling – Each person has unique nutritional needs. A hair analysis will help determine these nutritional needs and recommends the proper ratio of proteins, carbohydrates and fats that is best for your body. Eating correctly based on this information can increase energy and help you create optimum health.
Helen Cox interview by Krystal Morris on nutrition.

Digestion Overview Digital Educational Resource from Sara Snelling on Vimeo.

Functional Tests (Saliva Tests) – Can show areas in need of help 5-10 years before diagnosis often explaining reasons for symptoms. Additional tests may be suggested. Information is used for supplementation and nutritional recommendations.
Adrenal Stress Index
GI Health Panel
Post Menopause Health Panel
Female Hormone Panel

Individualized Stress Reduction Sessions – Individualized appointments to remove stress and re-program so that a person’s natural healing abilities can operate automatically. Appointments can include movement reeducation approaches such as Brain Gym® and Touch for Health that explore how the body systems (skeletal, muscular, nervous, etc.) contribute to movement and self-awareness. These approaches also emphasize movement patterns that develop during infancy and childhood. They can incorporate guided movement problems and facilitate the dialogue between the mind and the body.
Helen Cox interview by Jenny Li on natural healing.