DURING COVID19 – Options offers curbside deliveries of your supplements.  Helen offers phone appointments.  Hours are 11:00-3:00 Monday-Friday.

For curbside deliveries of supplements:  As you enter the parking lot, drive your car parallel/along side of the office building, stop by the windows with the Open sign, roll down your car window and honk [so we know you are there and can see who you are], then a staff member will bring your box out to you using the side door.


Welcome to Options Center for Health & Education. You are reaching us for health or education options. Our Health Center includes how to get well and stay well, by learning and doing efficient, effective ways to live your best life with vibrant health.

  • Do you have stress and have trouble sleeping or can’t sleep?
  • Are you tired, worn out or fatigued or do you have enough energy to get through your day?
  • Are you sick and don’t know how to get well?
  • Do you suffer from depression?
  • Does osteoporosis run in your family and don’t know how to prevent it?
  • Do you know what vitamins and minerals you should be taking for optimum health?
  • Do you suffer from frontal headaches and migraines?
  • Are your environmental allergies keep you inside?
  • Are recurring yeast infections, PMS symptoms, emotional disturbances, and/or skin problems interfering with your quality of life?

If so, the Health Center is your answer!

Yes! I need help reaching my health goals! Email or Call Options today!

Education Center includes techniques to make learning natural, easy and fun.

  • Does your student have a negative attitude toward school and learning?
  • Do you spend hours at night on homework that should only take one hour?
  • Is your student behind the rest of his/her class in one or more subjects?
  • Do you feel your student is not achieving his/her full potential?
  • Does your student need help with: short attention span, low grades, listening skills, motivation, coordination, comprehension, visual processing, and/or self-esteem?

Yes! Your student CAN reach the potential he/she was meant to be! Email or call Options today!

Whether you become a Health client or Education student, the minerals in your body are significant to your success. Our health affects not only how we feel physically and emotionally, but also how we think, work, and face life.  We have the option to live a life that includes looking and feeling better than we ever have and learning at our highest capacity.

The mineral levels in a Hair Analysis report shows all of the above. It can pick up trends and explain why you are having symptoms up to 20 years before blood work can diagnosis the problem and often 10-15 years before you experience symptoms. It can show the reasons for behavior and learning problems.

The goal is to achieve your full potential and live the vibrant life you desire.

Hair Analysis Credibility

35th anniversary poster

35th Anniversary

Options Center for Health and Education is going strong at 35 years. We continue our mission to help people get healthy. Enjoy this infographic with some events over the 35 years.

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Hints From Helen

March 8, 2017 – Opportunity to Make Radical Changes for the Better How could our children be effected by the current property tax freeze suggested by Governor Jim Rauner? By freezing property taxes our schools income could be adversely effected. How can we make this potential challenge an opportunity for beneficial change?  If a school’s …

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