Brain Gym®

Brain Gym® is a program that consists of fun and easy physical activities that students perform. These activities stimulate the brain and nervous system for optimal performance in cognition, creativity, athletics, and communication. Brain Gym® stems from the premise that a body-mind connection is monitored or managed in large part by the brain. The different parts of the brain have different functions and have specific connections in the body. By isolating different parts of the body and working with them simultaneously, specific parts of the brain are stimulated and integrated because they have been forced to work together. The results include improved whole body coordination, balance, relaxation, improved hearing and visual perception and more positive attitudes. Although written specifically to assist children with learning, reading or writing disabilities, the basic principles involved can be transferred to all ages. At Options, Brain Gym® is used as therapy for health as well as learning goals. "It is another form of balancing." quote from Alternative Health Care (page 130) by Helen Cox

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